Cisco Industrial Routers
Cisco Industrial Routers are purpose-built to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, humidity, dust, and water – making them the ideal choice for demanding environments.

Integrate your industrial assets seamlessly

Ensure seamless connectivity and security for all your industrial assets, regardless of their location – even in the most remote areas.

Comes with top-of-the-line security features

The built-in enterprise-grade security ensures that your network is protected from potential attacks, without requiring additional hardware for deployment.

Designed to withstand tough environmental conditions

Our routers are purpose-built to endure harsh outdoor conditions, enabling them to withstand any environmental challenges you may encounter.

Crafted for scalability and large-scale operations

Facilitate easy scalability with management tools that can be remotely deployed and managed by both IT and operations teams.

Implement SD-WAN at the edge of your network

With SD-WAN, you can deploy a standardized set of policies, automate security configurations, and optimize traffic flow from the enterprise to the edge.
No matter what industry you’re in, we have the perfect router for you

Cisco SD-WAN

The rugged, compact, and modular SD-WAN router ensures the security and optimization of your deployments. It has won the 2022 TrustRadius Top Rated award.

Low-Power Routers

This rugged, compact, and modular SD-WAN router enables you to secure and optimize your deployments.

Heavy-Duty IP67 Routers

This IP67-rated SD-WAN router unites your outdoor edge and is fully modular, adapting to your evolving needs.

Mobile Routers

The latest routers offer excellent performance and flexibility for mobile edge digitization and were named the M2M Product of the Year for 2022.
Deliver exceptional routing performance
Create a robust and exceptionally secure routing system that enhances reliability and minimizes potential hazards through routing services. This will facilitate increased availability and reduce risks associated with routing solutions.


At Vodanet Systems, we offer a wide variety of switches, routers, and other enterprise networking solutions. Our inventory features Cisco equipment and products from other well-respected, leading manufacturers.