Security of Corporate Networks

Network Security for Your Business

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats with Advanced Threat Detection and Secure Access Control.

Acquire the Capabilities Required to Address Current Network and Security Challenges.

Integrated Security Features

Integrated Security Features are essential components of modern technology products that combine various security functionalities in a single solution. 

Protective Hardware

Identify and authenticate endpoints and users, including IoT devices, as they connect to your network could be Verify and Validate Network Endpoints and User Identities, Including IoT Devices.

Security Guidelines

A segment to limit threat migration and to help enforce least-privilege access based on the endpoint and user type could be Restrict Threat Movement and Control Access Permissions Based on Endpoint and User Classification.

Threat Detection

Use threat intelligence to continuously monitor behavior to detect anomalies and quarantine devices could be Leverage Threat Intelligence for Continuous Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, and Device Isolation.

Security Solutions for Enterprise Networks

Cisco Security Solutions for Enterprise Networks offer a comprehensive suite of security products and services designed to protect enterprise networks from advanced cyber threats.

These solutions include next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, network access control, endpoint security, and cloud security. They are designed to work together seamlessly, providing a unified defense against both known and unknown threats.

Cisco Security Solutions also feature advanced threat intelligence and analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to identify and respond to security incidents quickly and effectively.

Building Blocks of Cisco’s Network Security

Cisco AI Endpoint Analytics

Cisco AI Endpoint Analytics is a network security solution that uses AI and machine learning to monitor and analyze endpoint behavior in real-time. It offers visibility into endpoint activities and helps detect threats by analyzing user behavior and device context.

Authentication with Multiple Factors

Authentication with Multiple Factors is a security measure that requires users to provide multiple forms of identification to access a system or network. This method helps prevent unauthorized access and enhances security.

Security for your Network

Security for your Network includes measures and protocols implemented to protect against unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. It involves implementing firewalls, and access controls, and ensuring regular updates and patches to network devices and software.

Enforcing Security Policies

Enforcing Security Policies involves setting and implementing rules to ensure user compliance with security best practices. This helps minimize risks and prevent unauthorized access or data breaches, contributing to overall network security.

SecureX by Cisco

SecureX by Cisco is a cloud-based security platform that simplifies security operations and enhances threat visibility. It provides a unified view of security alerts, automates threat response, and integrates with existing security tools for easy management.

Internet security

Internet security protects computer systems and networks from cyber threats with measures like firewalls and encryption. It’s important to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Threat Intelligence by Cisco Talos

Talos by Cisco is a powerful tool that uses machine learning and global research to detect and respond to security threats in real time. It helps prevent data breaches and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks by providing ongoing updates and analysis of emerging threats.

Analyzing Security Data

Cisco offers security analytics tools, such as Stealthwatch and Cognitive Threat Analytics, that use machine learning and AI to analyze security data and detect potential threats in real time. These tools help organizations gain valuable insights into their security posture and take proactive measures to improve their overall security.


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