Campus LAN Catalyst Switches
To drive digital transformation, Cisco’s Catalyst access switches integrate wired and wireless networks. This enables seamless connectivity and empowers organizations to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving technological landscape.

Features and Benefits

By seamlessly integrating wired and wireless networks, Cisco’s Catalyst access switches significantly simplify operations and enable continuous optimization in support of business objectives.

Strengthen Security

Obtain integrated network security solutions for pre, post, and during an attack.

Enhance Reliability

Effortlessly manage wired and wireless networks, reinforce security, and streamline your campus LAN.

Expand with Efficiency

Access switches pave the way for an automated, digital-ready network.
Switches Suited for All Networks
Create a robust and exceptionally secure network system that enhances reliability and minimizes potential hazards through our switches. This will facilitate increased availability and reduce risks associated with networking solutions.


At Vodanet Systems, we offer a wide variety of switches, routers, and other enterprise networking solutions. Our inventory features Cisco equipment and products from other well-respected, leading manufacturers.