Campus LAN Catalyst Switches: Core and Distribution
Your multidomain network can be seamlessly integrated with the help of Cisco Catalyst core and distribution switches, leading to more efficient operations, reduced expenses, improved security, and simplified scalability.

Streamline Your Network with Cisco Catalyst Switches

Features and Benefits

Cisco Catalyst’s LAN switches for campus core and distribution offer versatile deployment options with varying features, port speeds, and interface types. These modular and fixed switches seamlessly expand intent-based networking from the edge to the core and beyond, enabling your network to continually learn, adapt, and safeguard against an ever-changing landscape.

Networking with Intelligent Intent

Simplifying SD-WAN and Security Deployment Across Numerous Sites with Unified Policy Control.

Securing the Branch

Safeguarding Against Threats, Detecting Malicious Activity, and Decrypting Encrypted Traffic Across All Connections from Edge to Cloud.

Customer Experience

Boost Productivity through Real-time Analytics, Visibility, and Control for Optimizing Performance of On-premises and Cloud Applications.

On-Demand Network Services

Accelerate Response to Business Demands and Improve IT Efficiency through On-demand Deployment of Integrated Network Services at Any Location.
Switches Suited for All Networks
Create a robust and exceptionally secure network system that enhances reliability and minimizes potential hazards through our switches. This will facilitate increased availability and reduce risks associated with networking solutions.


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