Extreme-engineered industrial switches
With a focus on demanding operating conditions, Cisco’s ruggedized industrial switches are designed to aid in digitizing operations, safeguard against cyber threats, and minimize downtime.

Elevate the performance of your industrial network with hard-working switches

Flexible connectivity suitable for every industry, every location, and any scale.

Switches designed for each industry and use case

From factory floors and electric substations to roadway intersections and beyond, Cisco’s ruggedized Industrial Ethernet switches offer protocol support and resilience, resulting in limitless solutions.

Expand and streamline your operations

Minimize downtime through prompt issue resolution, enhance efficiency with automation and guided workflows, and maintain compliance with your initial design by monitoring and resolving changes using Cisco DNA Center.

Integrated defense against cyber threats

Safeguard your operations against continuously evolving cyber threats using inherent visibility and security characteristics, in addition to integration with threat detection and response systems.

The optimal combination of IT and operations

Merge enterprise-level performance, management, and security with durable industrial-grade resiliency, protocol support, and certifications, catering to the requirements of both IT and OT.

Discover the perfect switch to match your purpose

DIN Rail Mount switches

DIN rail mount switches are industrial Ethernet switches mounted on standardized metal rails for use in harsh environments. They support various port configurations and network protocols and are commonly used in industrial automation, building automation, and transportation.

Rack Mount switches

Rack Mount switches are network switches designed for mounting on 19-inch equipment racks. They are commonly used in data centers and server rooms, offer centralized network management, and come in various sizes and port densities. They allow for easy expansion, scalability, and hot-swapping.

IP67-Rated switches

IP67-rated switches are industrial-grade switches that offer strong protection against physical damage and environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust. They are commonly used in outdoor environments, transportation, and factory automation.

Embedded switches

Embedded switches are network switches built into devices like routers and access points. They provide a cost-effective way to add network connectivity and come with specialized features like QoS, PoE, and Layer 3 switching. They are important for enabling network connectivity in industrial, automotive, and home automation applications.


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