Small Business Network Switches
Leverage our compact yet robust LAN switches to bring enterprise-class services to remote locations beyond the wiring closet.

Discover the optimal digital building switch for your needs

Features and Benefits

The frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions are increasing rapidly in our world. It is crucial to design your network to assist your organization in responding to unexpected events now more than ever.

Streamline Your Network

Expand enterprise-grade network services to branch deployments beyond the wiring closet.

Enhance the Security of your Network

Leverage our network switches to identify and address security threats.

Provide Power to your Network

Continuously supply power to a diverse range of networked devices, including IP phones, wireless access points, and security devices.
Branch Router Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

Cisco SD-WAN

Cloud Empowered Secure Connectivity for All Users and Applications, Anywhere.

Cisco SD-Branch

Streamlined Operations and Rapid Service Deployment, Platform-agnostic and in Minutes.

SD-WAN security

Secure Your Branch with Simplified and Scalable SD-WAN Security Through SASE Implementation.

Router security

Deploy VPN and Threat-defense Solutions for Branch and WAN Aggregation Routers.
Deliver exceptional routing performance
Create a robust and exceptionally secure routing system that enhances reliability and minimizes potential hazards through routing services. This will facilitate increased availability and reduce risks associated with routing solutions.


At Vodanet Systems, we offer a wide variety of switches, routers, and other enterprise networking solutions. Our inventory features Cisco equipment and products from other well-respected, leading manufacturers.