Vodanet Systems has the best routers to meet your needs. We offer high-performance network routers that deliver high availability and flexibility to create a lasting investment for your operation. Our routers provide the hardware architecture you need to design the right network for your business. Shop our selection today to find the best routers for your application and enjoy the fastest lead times in the industry.

Routers for Business That Mean Business

Vodanet Systems offers routers for business that boost your service delivery while simplifying your network management. Our enterprise routers provide powerful routing advantages with a modular design that lets you scale performance. If you want a secure router, we have you covered with selections from a wide range of trusted manufacturers.

Our DHCP router options automatically assign and provide default gateway IP addresses and IP addresses to client devices. You can rely on routers from Vodanet Systems to deliver superior performance and a range of connectivity choices.

Get the Best Routers from Vodanet Systems

We offer leading enterprise router brands like Cisco, HP/Aruba, Juniper and MicroTik so that you can create networks that achieve the high availability and reliability that your business depends on. Vodanet Systems delivers the best routers with the best lead times. Contact us today for the devices that meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Routers

Backed by more than 10 years of experience, Vodanet Systems has the answers to all your router questions. Need more information? Reach out to our router specialists for the details you’re looking for.

What Are the Best Routers? Whether you need a 1GbE or 10 GbE interface, the best router is the one that meets your network deployment requirements. Vodanet Systems offers routers for every business need.
What Are the Best Wi-Fi Routers? The best Wi-Fi routers make your wireless network faster and more responsive. Whether you’re working with small or large branch offices, Vodanet Systems has a Wi-Fi router for you.
What Industries Do You Serve? Vodanet Systems provides the best routers for a wide range of sectors, including data center operations, education, entertainment, government, healthcare and manufacturing.

VodaCare Services

Frustrated with expensive OEM service contracts with difficult to reach support? VodaCare can help you save 30-60% off your extended hardware service contracts with even better support than the OEM! We’ll get you connected to a certified level 4 and above engineer in as little as 10 minutes. We also offer next day hardware replacements so your system can remain online with minimal interruptions. Ask your representative about VodaCare to learn more.

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