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Feature-rich Ethernet Switch platforms leveraging next-generation technology optimized for the Branch Office and smaller Wiring Closets. Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3600 products sport the performance and agility to excel in conventional IP network deployments in additional to enabling the edge for Fabric-based solutions.The new Ethernet Routing Switch 3600 products leverage the latest advances in network switching architecture design to maximize hardware performance and software capability. These products offer a significant evolutionary step for the entry-level Ethernet Routing Switch 3000 Series, particularly in terms of value and future-ready flexibility, and have been optimized for the Enabled Edge role.The primary purpose of a network is to interconnect users with their applications, and the best networks do this reliably, efficiently, and with a high degree of agility. Avaya's SDN Fx™ architecture empowers companies to extend the virtualized Ethernet Fabric beyond the Data Center, to the very edge of the network, delivering powerful integration of users, applications, and devices.The new Ethernet Routing Switch 3600 (ERS 3600) products are an important part of this strategy, delivering Fabric Attach capabilities in a cost-effective form-factor. The ERS 3600 products can be deployed standalone, or configured as a Stackable Chassis system of up to eight units/400 ports, supported by up to 192Gbps of virtual backplane bandwidth.Supporting modern Enterprise applications requires a flexible and highly reliable infrastructure, and the ERS 3600 products help deliver against this challenge. These are highly effective products, fit-for-purpose for conventional Routed IP connectivity requirements and future-ready for the evolving and emerging softwaredefined needs of tomorrow. Offering feature-rich support for both IP- and Fabric-based Edge networking gi

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