SLX 9140-48V Switch AC with Back to Front airflow (Non-port-side to port side airflow) 48x25GE/10GE/1GE + 6x100GE/40GE. (1+1) redundant power supplies and (4+1) redundant fans included.

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Extreme Networks

As data centers and cloud service providers embrace new high-performance servers that support higher workload densities, they increasingly need dense 25/100 GbE switches in leaf-and-spine topologies. The SLX® 9140 switch is designed to help organizations stay ahead of this application- and data-driven networking challenge with a broad choice of interface speeds to seamlessly evolve from existing 1/10/40 GbE to 25/100 GbE capabilities. The SLX 9140 enables organizations to design networks that accommodate a variety of applications and east-west traffic patterns. And with its high-density, scale-out architecture and low-power design, the SLX 9140 delivers a costeffective solution that optimizes power, cooling, and data center space. With a rich set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features and advanced visibility and automation capabilities, the SLX 9140 is built to address dynamic growth in Virtual Machines (VMs), distributed applications, and digital transformation.

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