VSP8608 Chassis includes 5 Fan Trays

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Extreme Networks

The demands on IT have never been greater: do more, do it quicker, and reduce costs. The Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series is engineered from the ground up to deliver against a checklist of must-have capabilities. Innovative design re-imagines how the modular Ethernet Switch should be architected, but more importantly, it's been engineered to solve the most demanding challenges. Network infrastructure needs to be both agile and powerful and decade-old products aren't up to the job of delivering what's needed. One platform, multiple solutions: the new Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series is powerful enough to be at the heart of the Campus or Data Center, versatile enough to deliver multi-rate Ethernet ranging from 1 to 100 Gigabit, and compact enough to be deployed as an end- or middle-of-row. The network foundation, re-imagined with network operators in mind. An innovative architecture empowers the Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series to deliver more of what you need - ports and performance - while consuming less of what's finite - money, space, time, and power. The multi-terabit Switch Fabric capacity enables a fully non-blocking switching architecture. Leveraging today's most efficient switching chipset designs, the VSP 8600 provides more of the crucial 1/10/25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet speeds that you need for agile service delivery. All this while consuming less precious real estate. At just 7RU, the product boasts an industry-leading ultra-low profile form-factor and a best-in-class Port/RU ratio. The VSP 8600 also support s the Extreme Networks Fabric Connect architecture, which greatly simplifies network operations. With Fabric Connect, it's possible for the network to handle once-manual functions automatically. This reduces the potential for error and accelerates time-to-service. It also allows IT to quickly respond to changing business requirements with precision and flexibility.

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