SLX 9740 FAN Front to Back airflow for SLX9740-80C

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Extreme Networks

Increasingly organizations are expanding from on-premise, private and hybrid cloud to full multi-cloud architectures to address agilit y, scale, securit y, reliabilit y and cost requirement s as digital transformation reshapes their business environment. To succeed in the digital era, organizations need network platforms with the adaptabilit y to address these rapidly evolving demands and enable them to simplify and scale operations while driving out cost. The ExtremeRouting SLX 9740 Series platforms serve as demarcation between the enterprise networks and the service provider networks (Internet) where the ISP connections terminate. Basic requirement s include support for a full Internet routing table, mainstream routing protocols BGP, OSPF and IS-IS, EVPN VxLAN, ACLs, BGP Internet peering scale, MPLS, deep buffer, device management and entry level DDoS protection. Extreme Networks offers a choice for selecting the right routing solution to meet your business needs. The options include the SLX 9740 (1U) with 40 x 10 0 GbE port s and the SLX 9740 (2U) with 80 x 10 0 GbE port s to deliver cost effective solutions for the most demanding Enterprise and Service Provider customers.

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