FortiGateRugged-60F 1 Year SD-WAN Overlay Controller VPN Service: Cloud-based SD-WAN VPN Overlay Service & Portal

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Overlay Controller VPN (OCVPN) is a cloud based solution to simplify IPsec VPN setup. When OCVPN is enabled, IPsec phase1-interfaces, phase2-interfaces, static routes, and firewall policies are generated automatically on all FortiGates that belong to the same community network. A community network is defined as all FortiGates registered to FortiCare using the same FortiCare account. If the network topology changes on any FortiGates in the community (such as changing a public IP address in DHCP mode, adding or removing protected subnets, failing over in dual WAN), the IPsec-related configuration for all devices is updated with Cloud assistance in self-learning mode. No intervention is required.

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