FortiADC-700D 1 Year IP Reputation Service
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Modern threats can come from anywhere, anytime. As the internet evolves hackers have begun using orchestrated attacks on organizations' infrastructure. Attackers now use a wealth of methods to infect innocent hosts, and control these infections through organized botnets in order to launch automated phishing, spamming, and DDoS attacks on critical business applications and services. The key difference with modern threats is that they can strike quickly and disappear, only to re-appear in another form in rapid fashion. It is important to have a dynamic solution that can address these evasion techniques. If a malicious actor's machine attacks a target in one location, the rest of the global network needs to learn and update quickly in order to pre-empt the next wave of attacks. The FortiGuard IP Reputation Service aggregates data from locations and sources around the world that collaborate to provide up to date information about threatening sources. With breaking intelligence from distributed network gateways combined with world class research done from FortiGuard Labs, organizations can stay up to date and proactively block attacks.

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