_x000D_ _x000D_ THIS ITEM IS A AND MAY TAKE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING TIME_x000D_ Hardware plus ASE FortiCare and FortiGuard 360 Protection, 1Yr Bundle

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8x 100GE/40GE QSFP28 slots and 18x 25GE/10GE SFP28 slots, 2 x GE RJ45 Management Ports, SPU NP7 and CP9 hardware accelerated, and 2 AC power supplies, Hardware plus ASE FortiCare and FortiGuard 360 Protection, 1Yr Bundle, 24x7 Comprehensive Support, Advanced Services Ticket Handling, Advanced Hardware Replacement (NBD), Firmware and General Upgrades, 360 Services Bundle (SD-WAN Orchestrator, SD-WAN Cloud Assisted Monitoring, SD-WAN Overlay Controller VPN, FortiManager Cloud, FortiAnalyzer Cloud, IPAM Cloud, IPS, AV, Botnet IP/Domain, Mobile Malware, FortiGate Cloud Sandbox, Application Control, Web Filtering, Antispam, Security Rating, IoT Detection, Industrial Security and FortiConverter Service) plus term of contract

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