Aruba AP-518 (RW) Indr Hardened 11ax AP
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The Aruba 518 series access points with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology deliver high performance connectivity in harsh weather-protected environments such as warehouses, industrial freezers or enclosures in extreme environments. The 518 series is designed to simultaneously serve multiple clients and traffic types in dense environments utilizing the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Aruba AP-518 (RW) 802.11ax 2x2:2/4x4:4 Dual Radio 6xRPSMA Connectorized Indoor Hardened AP The Aruba 518 Series Hardened Access Points provide high-performance wireless connectivity for harsh weather environments such as warehouses, stadiums, industrial freezers, and enclosures. Supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, the Aruba 518 Series can achieve a maximum aggregate data rate of 3 Gbps (HE80/HE40) to deliver high speed and reliability. The Aruba 518 Series Hardened APs are also designed to provide improved user experiences by integrating key Wi-Fi optimization technologies for increased Wi-Fi efficiency and optimized client airtime

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