Power Cord, AC, Japan/US, C19 at 70-80mm, 16A/250V, 2.5m, Straight, Locking Plug

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The SRX3000 Services Gateway supports up to 20 Gbps firewall, 6 Gbps firewall and IPS, or 6 Gbps of IPsec VPN, and up to 175,000 new connections per second. This SRX Services Gateway is ideal for securing and segmenting data center network infrastructures, aggregating a variety of different security solutions, and enforcing unique per-zone security policies in small to midsize server farms and hosting sites.The SRX3400 Services Gateway uses the same SPCs, IOCs and NPCs as the SRX3600 and can support up to 20 Gbps firewall, 6 Gbps firewall and IPS, or 6 Gbps of IPsec VPN, along with up to 175,000 new connections per second. The SRX3400 is ideally suited for securing and segmenting enterprise data centers/network infrastructure as well as aggregation of various security solutions. The capability to support unique security policies per zones and its ability to scale with the growth of the network makes the SRX3400 an ideal deployment for small to midsized server farms , hosting sites, or mobile operators. The SRX3400 Services Gateway is also managed by Juniper Networks Network and Security Manager.Juniper Networks SRX3000 line of services gateways is the next-generation solution for securing the ever-increasing network infrastructure and applications requirements for both enterprise and service provider environments. Designed from the ground up to provide flexible processing scalability, I/O scalability, and high integration, the SRX3000 line can meet the network and security requirements of data center hyperconsolidation, rapid managed services deployments, and aggregation of security solutions. Incorporating the routing heritage and service provider reliability of Junos OS with the rich security heritage of ScreenOS, the SRX3000 line offers the high-feature/ service integration necessary to secure modern network infrastructure and applications.Juniper Networks® SRX3400 Services Gateway and SRX3600 Services Gateway are next-generation security platforms that deliver market-leading performance, scalability and service integration in a mid-sized form factor.

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