Aruba AP-387 (US) TAA 5/60 GHz Otdr Rdio
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Weatherproof and temperature- hardened, the Aruba 387 Series Access Points deliver multi-gigabit per second aggregate throughput at distances up to 400 meters (or 0.25 miles). With the ever-growing number of IoT devices, demand for reliable connectivity is rising - not just in traditional carpeted enterprises but also in outdoor use cases such as enabling connectivity across buildings on the same campus, adjacent structures (e.g. parking garage or annex), and remote or temporary event sites. Point-to-point wireless solutions offer an attractive option for connecting two sites together where the right of way is difficult to obtain - or as a backup or recovery link for existing connections. But legacy point-to-point solutions can be expensive and vulnerable to inclement weather conditions. They can also require highly skilled workers for AP installation and alignment. EXTREME WEATHER RESILIENCY AND RANGE To solve these challenges, the 387 Series AP is designed with the resiliency needed during inclement weather and to survive harsh conditions. The 387 Series AP can withstand up to 165 mph winds and tolerate water, dust, and salt sprays for extended periods of time, and also provide connectivity at up to 400 meters. Should weather cause the 387 Series to become misaligned, Aruba's 60GHz radios can automatically adjust and align the point-to-point connection. The 5GHz radio is also bonded with the 802.11ad radio to provide: 1) a boost in throughput in good conditions, and 2) intelligent fallback if the 60GHz radio is impacted by heavy rainfall. SIMPLE, COST-EFFECTIVE DEPLOYMENT From a deployment standpoint, the auto-adjustment feature can dramatically simplify labor requirements by eliminating the need for precision AP alignments during installation or weather impacts. APs can intelligently form links based on optimal parameters up to +/- 45 degrees azimuth* and +/- 17 degrees elevation. The 5GHz radio uses a fixed sector to cover the same range. IOT-READY Like all Aruba Wi-Fi 6 APs, the 387 Series includes an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy radio to simplify the deployment and management of location services, asset tracking services, security solutions and IoT sensors. This allows organizations to leverage the 360 Series as an IoT platform, which eliminates the need for an overlay infrastructure and additional IT resources. ARUBA SECURE INFRASTRUCTURE The Aruba 387 Series includes components of Aruba's 360 Secure Fabric to help protect user authentication and wireless traffic. Select capabilities include: WPA3 and Enhanced Open Support for stronger encryption and authentication is provided via the latest version of WPA for enterprise protected networks. Enhanced Open offers seamless new protection for users connecting to open networks where each session is automatically encrypted to protect user passwords and data on guest networks. WPA 2-MPSK MPSK enables simpler passkey management for WPA2 devices - should the Wi-Fi password on one device or device type change, no additional changes are needed for other devices. Requires ClearPass Policy Manager. VPN Tunnels In Remote AP (RAP) and IAP-VPN deployments, the Aruba 387 Series can be used to establish a secure SSL/IPSec VPN tunnel to a Mobility Controller that is acting as a VPN concentrator. TRUSTED PLATFORM MODULE (TPM) For enhanced device assurance, all Aruba APs have an installed TPM for secure storage of credentials and keys, and boot code

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