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An optical transceiver is a small yet powerful device that can both transmit and receive data. In fiber optics, this data is sent in the form of pulses of light over an optical fiber, at very high speeds and across long distances. The transceiver is an important part of a fiber optics network and is used to convert electrical signals to optical (light) signals and optical signals to electrical signals. It can be plugged into or embedded into another device within a data network that can send and receive a signal. Different rules, called protocols, determine how the different kinds of data are transmitted.



Whether you need 1G, 10G or even up to 400G of connectivity, there is a transceiver to meet all your fiber optic needs.


Rigorous testing and industry wide standards ensure that certified compatible transceivers will meet your networking needs.



High quality, certified transceivers allow miles of distance to be connected for a reliable and lossless transmission of data.


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