Power Cord, AC, Brazil, C15M, 10A/250V, 2.5m, Straight plug to straight high temp C15M

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The ACX4000 Universal Metro Router is a 2.5U, actively cooled access router that is environmentally hardened for field deployment. This versatile, high-performance mobile access platform runs on the Junos operating system.The ACX4000 has two modular interface card (MIC) slots that can house 16 T1/E1 ports, six GbE copper/fiber combination ports, or four CHOC3/STM-1 ports, creating a mobile access platform versatile enough for any deployment. Besides two MIC slots, the platform also provides a number of fixed ports that include 2 x 10GbE, 2 x GbE SFP, or 8 x GbE combination (copper/fiber).This universal access routing solution is optimized to enhance the mobile subscriber experience while significantly improving network monetization for service providers.

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